Why Help Haiti?

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 So that Haiti can help itself. Haitians live in scarcity, but they possess grit in abundance. Haitian youth will grow up in a world where they will enjoy few governmental services. There is no garbage collection, no public and few private latrines, limited potable water, and no sewer services. And yet they will ask you to view their lives through the lens of their perspective. They live in poverty, but not in misery. Suicide is virtually non-existent in Haiti, and their lives are not marked by isolation, depression, or anxiety.

When they turn to one another to express pain or hunger, they are greeted with understanding. The children are born in their mother’s homes, and the neighbors all know one another by name. Their lives are marked by a shared experience. They know they need grit to endure. However, more than grit, which only ensures survival, they seek and share faith, hope, and love, which make for a life worth living.

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