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I had hoped to travel to Haiti in mid September in order to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the founding of our schools in Mathieu. My daughter-in-law, Megen, a professional photographer and videographer, was planning to accompany me in order to record the joy and happiness — and yes, success of all your efforts to educate our beautiful children. However, as is often the situation, our trip has had to be postponed — at least for the time being. Sadly, the situation in Port au Prince, and especially around Toussaint L’Ouverture Airport, has descended into violence and dangerous chaos.

Though the region where Forging Futures works is quiet and peaceful, the danger lies in leaving the area around the airport where roving gangs of young men are threatening and killing innocent people. Obviously, we are warned to avoid that area at all costs. So we will.

The monthly funds we wire from our local bank here to Groupe Sogebank in Port au Prince are safe and immune from the dangers of the chaos. After recording and auditing our funds, Sogebank then wires the funds directly to its branch in Leogane, Haiti. The mayhem in the capitol city does not result in any delay in delivering your financial aid to our schools.

Though lamentable, the violence is understandable. The government of President Juvenal Moise is charged with corruption and thereby dysfunctional. Patience, though long suffering, grows thin. There cannot be a tolerable excuse for murder, but Haiti suffers from abject poverty and such poverty is sinful and tragic. We pledge to continue to love our Haitian children.

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