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The Haitians who belong to the communities that established our schools in and around Leogane often say a prayer that I have desired to say for myself.

Senye, N pa keyi mango sou pye zaboka e N pa jwen mayi sou pye bannann. Se nou ki fe sa nou ye. Ede nou fe sa ke ou bezwen. 

Lord, we do not get mangos from an avocado tree and we do not get corn from a banana tree. We produce what we are. Help us to be and do what you need produced.

I suppose the greatest grace from God is to feel and live out our gratitude. God loves a cheerful giver, and can we have cheer or joy without gratitude?  Frankly, I cannot see how that could be.  The people of Haiti are some of the most grateful people on earth. And yet they often have little reason to be grateful. None the less, what I have learned from work in Haiti is: Gratitude.

All of us at Forging Futures are grateful for you. For your willingness to love Haiti. For your willingness to be generous. Simply put, without you there is simply no Forging Futures. That is why we are grateful for you.  

Mesi anpil. Bondye beni ou toujou. Men sitou kounye a.  Many thanks. May God bless you always. But especially now. 

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