Patience is a virtue

Rene – Patience Is a Virtue

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It has been said that all good things come to those of us who wait. I suppose that it true. Yet we have to admit if we are honest that sometimes waiting is more like ‘Waiting for Godot.’ Will that for which we wait ever happen? 

Rene is now 33 years old. She graduated from our school in LaTournelle in 2008 and then successfully matriculated through the Lycee in Leogane in 2012. She has desired to enter the University of Haiti in Port au Prince. I have not seen Rene is several years as COVID has prohibited any visits there for obvious reasons. Rene came highly recommended: a wiz in mathematics, she mastered English and has excelled in Social Studies. She is an all-around champion.  Believe it or not, while Rene awaits an opportunity to apply to University, she is working as a carpenter, repairing what she can around Leogane. It puts food on the table, as the saying goes. She has known her share of sorrow. When she was a junior in high school, her brother — Etienne — died in the earthquake. As the family so depended on his income for support, she was obliged to enter the work force to assist her family stave off poverty. It is such a familiar story. What prevents her from entering University?  Tuition: $3,000 — no way can she afford that. Forging Futures cannot offer her any assistance at this moment. The story is all too common. The story is all too sad. Rene was the young girl who offered me a glimpse of the beauty of the Haitian people, and the love they have for themselves and for the country. I saw her for the first time one early morning and I said to her: “Bonjou, cheri. Se bel jou jodi a.”  She answered: “Wi. Toujou se bel jou nan Ayiti. Toujou.”  “Good Morning, Dear One, it is a beautiful day today.”   “Yes. Every day is a beautiful day in Haiti. Every day.”

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