Just a Word About COVID-19 and the Health and Well Being of Haiti

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The pandemic of COVID-19 is running rampant in many countries around the globe. Unfortunately, this very ominous situation applies to the United States. With the finest medical expertise in the world, we are struggling to contain and control the unruly unpredictable spread of the contagion. COVID-19 has arrested our attention and preoccupied our efforts. This disease has proven to be all we can handle.

It must come as no surprise that the situation in Haiti is quite severe. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) predicts a growing health catastrophe. Testing is for all practical purposes almost nonexistent. There are attempts to test Haitians who have been expelled from the Dominican Republic, at any of the four border Immigration stations that span across the 224-mile mountain border between the two nations. However, the vast majority of poor Haitians are crossing anywhere and everywhere. Searching for jobs of any kind, these domestic and migrant workers cannot afford to enter a 14-day quarantine. 

The Haitian Government does project a confidence: “Haiti has not seen an increase in the disease as have other countries…” but no one with any sense believes that for a minute. In a nation with a population of over 11,000,000 citizens, there is no control over the spread of this disease and there are few resources to arrest it. There is some excellent medical care available in Haiti through the work of major hospitals, but the very sad truth is: Haiti is not testing.  

Innocent people often die in Haiti for want of simple prescriptions and quite ordinary medical care. People often die without diagnosis. One hates to think it, but Haiti may be practicing Herd Immunity by Default.  Haitians live in closest proximity, and social distancing is not achievable. The curse of poverty!

Our schools are closed. It is summer break soon and we will have to see if and when our schools can open in the fall. Information that is accurate is at a premium. But we are carrying on. 

Priye pou Ayiti souple.   Pray for Haiti, please.

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