Emergency In Haiti

Emergency – Haiti // August 2021

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Forging Futures is sending financial assistance to the ravaged towns of the Lower Peninsula – The Sud – and in particular, the towns of Jeremie and Les Cayes. Our own schools, located on the Sud in Leogane, were utterly destroyed by the devastation from the earthquake 11 years ago.  This week the earthquake ( tranblemann te ) struck an area 60 miles west. This area is rural and less populated but more difficult to access. As is the case with most blessings, the good news is mixed.

What is the situation on the ground near Jeremie and Les Cayes?

Needed medical supplies are scarce. Water wells and cisterns are broken. Roads blocked by mud and debris. Grocery stories flattened. Hospitals and clinics have been damaged. The earthquake struck during the harsh and flooding rains of Fred — and now as I write — hurricane Grace.

Why is the situation so dangerous?

In the United States, we breathe a sigh of relief as the storms are “downgraded” from hurricane category to tropical depression. The winds represent our danger. Not so in Haiti. The winds are less to be feared. It is the rain bombs that loosen foundations and cause the Lavalas — horrific avalanches of earth and debris, destroying all in its path. Sweeping it all away. Crashing down the hillsides.

Is this a good time for Haiti?

There is a government barely struggling to survive, let alone govern. The President has been murdered by mercenaries from Columbia. There is no functioning infrastructure in Haiti. Severe punishing poverty remains. Covid is everywhere, as it is here. Lawlessness is too frequently the rule for the day.

Acting Prime Minister Ariel Henry

“These are difficult times. Let us set aside our many quarrels. Put aside everything that threatens to divide us. Let us now look to the safety of the poorest and most needy among us.”

What can be done today?

It is not hard to understand that Haitians turn to the church in times of hardship because, more often that not, it is the church that does not abandon them in times of disaster. Any additional funds donated to Forging Futures this month will be sent to Haiti to alleviate the misery on the Sud. Our staff in Leogane know how to get every penny of designated financial aid to colleagues in the stricken areas of the country.


Donate right now online here.  Or send a check to: Forging Futures in Haiti   c/o John J Porter, 215 Abington Drive, NE, Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328.

Ke pa janm two lou pou meti li. Difisil pa bone, Se la chans ki bay.  One’s burdens will never be unbearable. Difficulty isn’t pretty, but hopefully, something good will happen.

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