Don’t you bring me no bad news!

COVID-19 in Haiti

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“Don’t you bring me no bad news! If you gonna bring me news, bring me something I can use.”

The Wit and Wisdom of wicked witch Evilline as she tries to take charge of chaos in The Wiz! Humor is always a tool of Faith especially when we are faced with uncertainty. And these are uncertain times.

Regarding Haiti:  COVID-19 has climbed onto the island. The border with the Dominican Republic is closed as the DR deals with its own occurrences. The two national airports in Port au Prince and Cap Haitien are closed to air traffic. American Airlines has suspended all flights for 30 days. Delta and Jet Blue, after hesitations, have followed as well. Of course, this does mean that Haitians are now isolated from essentially needed resources in the Haitian diaspora in Florida and New York. Not surprisingly, there are no accurate figures available as to the extent and gravity of the COVID spread, but we can reasonably assume it will be grave. 

Regarding Forging Futures: The nation is in lock down which means that essential Government services are suspended in Haiti, whatever they might be. To our point, all schools are closed. We are committed to paying the salaries of faculty and staff for as long as we are able. Forging Futures will be able to sustain our support for three more months — through June 2020. After that date, with no additional donations, who knows? 

In the United States, as across all the globe, we all face economic uncertainty. It is a tragic rule of thumb that as we suffer, the poor suffer as well.  We will try to keep you appraised of the situation as it develops. But we hope to bring you the news that you can use.

A wise Haitian told me just yesterday: “The Disease does not recognize the rich man and it does not care that the lady is poor. It makes no different at all. It will take what it wants. We need God to assist us.”

So sang the wicked witch, Evillene, in the musical The Wiz. Legendary actress Mabel West sang the song. Who knew, as we laughed and clapped, how timely that warning might come to haunt us. It seems that we are surrounded by bad news that grows more ominous by the day.   

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