A Stumble Can Move You Forward

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I was sitting in my parish church on Sunday, January 12, 2020. I was listening to the congregation and choir sing a setting of Psalm 29. As I listened to the wording of the Psalm, it rather shocked me to know that the Psalmist was describing an Earthquake on the very anniversary of the devasting destruction that killed over 300,000 Haitians within 35 seconds.

Ten Years Later…

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Today marks the ten-year anniversary of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010—leveling parts of Port-au-Prince, Léogâne (the epicenter), and the surrounding areas, and leading to thousands of deaths. Author Edwidge Danticat (who spent most of his …



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All of us at Forging Futures are grateful for you. For your willingness to love Haiti. For your willingness to be generous. Simply put, without you there is simply no Forging Futures. That is why we are grateful for you.