Every Day Is a Beautiful Day in Haiti.

Every Day Is a Beautiful Day

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Haiti is a mess. That is nothing new. I suppose it has always been a mess. The tragic sadness of this comment is intensified when one realizes that Haiti is the second oldest Republic in our hemisphere. She declared herself …

From the Founder – August 18

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Jonathan M Katz reveals in this morning’s New York Times that the United Nations has finally admitted responsibility for something everyone has known for years. The cholera epidemic, which took the lives of 10,000 Haitians and sickened hundreds of thousands, …

Thoughts from John Porter

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Upon leaving Haiti, former Attorney General Ramsey Clark once said, “The history of Haiti will break your heart. Knowing it, the weak will always despair, but the caring will strive to break the chains of tragedy.” These simple words provide …


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The annual cost of education for each child at Matthieu is roughly $100, which importantly includes a mid-day meal, often the only meal these children will receive. On a visit with American students in 2009, we were all surprised to …

Why Help Haiti?

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 So that Haiti can help itself. Haitians live in scarcity, but they possess grit in abundance. Haitian youth will grow up in a world where they will enjoy few governmental services. There is no garbage collection, no public and few …

What do we want?

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Sit and talk with the parents and the children at Matthieu, and you will hear the same refrain: “We want to learn. We want to work. We need an education.” They realize that the future of Haiti depends on it.