A Note from Haiti

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Dear Rev. Porter, We thank you for all you have done for us at St. Matthew Episcopal School in Leogane. As I told you, we do what we can to help each person in our community. Without your support we …

Emergency In Haiti

Emergency – Haiti // August 2021

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Forging Futures is sending financial assistance to the ravaged towns of the Lower Peninsula – The Sud – and in particular, the towns of Jeremie and Les Cayes. Our own schools, located on the Sud in Leogane, were utterly destroyed …

May 2021 Update

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Dear Friends of Haiti, In 1976, a quizzical absurdist playwright named Vaclav Havel agreed to be the spokesperson for a group calling for a more tolerant and open Czechoslovakia. After 13 years of official harassment and imprisonment, Vaclav Havel was …

Dear Friends

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Dear Friends of Haiti and Forging Futures, The Haitian proverb for this year is: Si ane pa t’touye ou, jou pa ka touye di ou. Bondye di ou: fe pa ou, m’a fe pa m’. Literally, it means: “If this …

Forging Futures Student Profile


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Ms. Bijou Marie Chantal was 17 when I knew her. She graduated proudly from our school in Jeanjean, Haiti and matriculated successfully through the Lycee (High School) in Leogane.