January Report

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How are things in Haiti? Things could hardly be worse. Don’t people say: “it is always darkest before dawn.” The assumption therein must be: there will be a dawn. When thinking about Haiti and her suffering people, I am not …

Emergency In Haiti

Emergency – Haiti // August 2021

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Forging Futures is sending financial assistance to the ravaged towns of the Lower Peninsula – The Sud – and in particular, the towns of Jeremie and Les Cayes. Our own schools, located on the Sud in Leogane, were utterly destroyed …

May 2021 Update

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Dear Friends of Haiti, In 1976, a quizzical absurdist playwright named Vaclav Havel agreed to be the spokesperson for a group calling for a more tolerant and open Czechoslovakia. After 13 years of official harassment and imprisonment, Vaclav Havel was …

Dear Friends

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Dear Friends of Haiti and Forging Futures, The Haitian proverb for this year is: Si ane pa t’touye ou, jou pa ka touye di ou. Bondye di ou: fe pa ou, m’a fe pa m’. Literally, it means: “If this …

Forging Futures Student Profile


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Ms. Bijou Marie Chantal was 17 when I knew her. She graduated proudly from our school in Jeanjean, Haiti and matriculated successfully through the Lycee (High School) in Leogane.

Don’t you bring me no bad news!

COVID-19 in Haiti

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COVID-19 has climbed onto the island… Not surprisingly, there are no accurate figures available as to the extent and gravity of the COVID spread, but we can reasonably assume it will be grave.


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In the theology of Judaism, it is written: “You may not be allowed to perfect the work, but neither are you permitted to neglect it” (Pirkei Avot 2:16 – Sefaria). When tasks seemed to overwhelm me, my mother could be …