Forging Futures is dedicated to feeding, educating, and empowering children in Leogane, Haiti.

Feeding Children

Each student attending our schools is provided with a nutritious meal. However, too frequently, this may be the only meal of the day.

Education is important, but it is hard to learn when you are hungry.

For this reason, ensuring our schools provide a meal to the children is critical.


Educating Children

Only one half of Haitian children attend school. For the majority of Haitians, the state (public) schools are very expensive.

Private schools are more accessible to the hard working poor because they are supported by non-profits or religious communities which bear the cost of tuition.

Empowering Children

We believe that education is the best way to empower Haiti’s children to create opportunity for themselves and their families. Many of the students that first started in Matthieu are now on the threshold of university studies.

Many of our graduates go on to enter fields such as nursing, engineering, computer science, and architecture. Forging Futures wishes to expand this educational growth throughout other regions in Haiti, helping to provide a successful and stable future that all people deserve.

The Situation

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the small Caribbean nation of Haiti, a nation already suffering with the lowest rates of GDP per capita income and Human Development Index rankings in the Western Hemisphere.

The country of approximately 10 million has since grappled with extreme poverty, the spread of HIV, cholera, and malaria outbreaks, and a crumbling infrastructure that has yet to regain its strength.
Low-skill jobs are especially scarce, as Haitian agricultural workers cannot compete with U.S. food aid prices, and deforestation has ruined much of its previously nutrient rich land.

St Matthieu
Forging Futures in Haiti, Inc. was formed in 2014 when a group of like-minded people, who have done charity work in Haiti since 2002, had a desire to do even more.
Over the years we have helped construct seven schools in the City of Leogane, Haiti. When our founding members began working in Haiti in 2002, the total student enrollment in Leogane was 345 students and 35 teachers in seven schools.
Through our members’ efforts and with the help of others, we are proud to say that todays student enrollment totals over 1000 students and over 120 teachers and administrative staff.

Literate Haitian Children
Schools Damaged in Earthquake
Schools With No Toilets
Schools With No Water

The Team

John Porter
He has travelled to Haiti over 65 times over 15 years and has energized legions of people to learn the beauty of Haiti and her magnificent, if not sorrowful, history. He is very committed, along with all of the board, to raise the funds to support and develop our educational efforts there.
Jan Hackney
Jan has supported projects related to Haiti and travelled to Haiti numerous times. The majority of her work was serving in various capacities in public school systems. She has performed different roles such as treasurer, secretary and president for many school related activities.
Mary Porter
Vice-President of Logistics
A Destination Specialist for over 30 years in a prominent Atlanta Travel Agency, she coordinates our mission and relief efforts in Haiti. She has travelled extensively in the Caribbean and enriches her professional talents with a deep love for the Haitian people.
Eric Mees
I have a degree in Finance and have worked for 12 years in the banking and commercial real estate fields. My professional experience is primarily financial analysis of historical data and forecasting future revenues and expenses.
Jan Swoope
I worked in school administration for over 30 years including preschool, elementary, middle school and college. I have been active in philanthropic endeavors through my church and through urban ministries. I have traveled to Haiti with my church on a pilgrimage with Food for the Poor. I am currently retired after 24 years at St. Martin’s Episcopal School in Atlanta.
Pat Chesser
Advisory Council
Michelle Westmoreland
Vice-President of Communications
I traveled to Haiti with John Porter for the first time during my high school years and have had a desire to help the country ever since then. My degree is in Early Childhood Education and I have experience teaching abroad in Costa Rica. I currently teach English as a second language at a charter school.
Lilly Landskroener
Vice-President of Communications


BBQ Throwdown Fundraiser
Provided over $6,000 in funds to aid in school lunches.

Holiday Fundraiser Party
Obtained over $30,000 from various generous donors to supply salaries to the teachers and staff at Matthieu.
Haitian Art Auction
Sold Haitian art that was purchased in Leogane. Raised $30,000 to be applied to teacher salaries and school lunches.
Generous Gifts
Gifts totaling $10,000 were used to provide nutritious lunches for the children.
Christmas Ornament Sale
A gift of $40,000 enabled us to financially support the faculty and students of 7 Haitian schools.
Earthquake in Haiti
Earthquake devastates Haiti with the epicenter located in Leogane, Haiti.
Generous Gifts
A gift of $10,000 provided 10 laptops and carts for the school in Matthieu, Leogane.

A gift of $50,000 assisted in the construction of a new prosthetics wing for St. Vincent’s Hospital for the Handicapped, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.(Later destroyed in the earthquake.)

Generous Gifts
A gift of $8,505 provided musical instruments of various kinds for the students of the schools in Matthieu, Leogane.
New Additions
A gift of $50,000 assisted in the purchase of a new orphanage home and the subsequent relocation of over 100 physically and mentally challenged Haitian children in Croix de Bouquet, Haiti.

A gift of $75,000 added an extension to the school in Matthieu, Leogane for additional classroom construction, as well as a new Administration Office.

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