Forging Futures in Haiti is dedicated to raising financial support for helping to feed, educate and empower children by maintaining schools and employing teachers in Leogane.


Each student attending our schools is provided with a nutritious meal. However, too frequently, this may be the only meal of the day.

Education is important, but it is hard to learn when you are hungry.

For this reason, ensuring our schools provide a meal to the children is critical.



Only one half of Haitian children attend school. For the majority of Haitians, the state (public) schools are very expensive.

Private schools are more accessible to the hard working poor because they are supported by non-profits or religious communities which bear the cost of tuition.


We believe that education is the best way to empower Haiti’s children to create opportunity for themselves and their families. Many of the students that first started in Matthieu are now on the threshold of university studies. Many of our graduates go on to enter fields such as nursing, engineering, computer science, and architecture.

Yet opportunities for Secondary and University Education are mostly out of reach for most Haitian students.

The reason: lack of funds. Talented kids, otherwise qualified students, reach a dead end. Their dreams for the opportunities that Education offers are dashed. It does not have to be this way. 

We can make a difference.

Forging Futures in Haiti vows to make this dream come true. Enrollment in an excellent Haitian University costs $3,500 a year—$10 dollars a day!


On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the small Caribbean nation of Haiti, a nation already suffering with the lowest rates of GDP per capita income and Human Development Index rankings in the Western Hemisphere.

The country of approximately 10 million has since grappled with extreme poverty, the spread of HIV, cholera, and malaria outbreaks, and a crumbling infrastructure that has yet to regain its strength.

Low-skill jobs are especially scarce, as Haitian agricultural workers cannot compete with U.S. food aid prices, and deforestation has ruined much of its previously nutrient rich land.

St. Matthieu
Forging Futures in Haiti, Inc. was formed in 2014 when a group of like-minded people, who have done charity work in Haiti since 2002, had a desire to do even more.

Simply put, life is hard in Haiti. Skilled jobs are scarce and those qualified to fill those jobs scarcer still. The reason: lack of education. We began our work in Haiti in 2002. We established Forging Futures in Haiti because this presented us with the most effective and efficient way to educate Haitian children. Over the intervening years, we constructed and financed 6 schools in the region around Leogane. Since the earthquake, two have closed. Now we have four schools with an enrollment over 600 students and a staff of 45 teachers and administrators.

Why Haiti? Because this work is the right thing to do and we are happiest when we are doing it.
Literate Haitian Children
Schools Damaged in Earthquake
Schools With No Toilets
Schools With No Water


Lekol San Matye

Lekol San Matye enrolls 265 children,
employs 27 teachers and staff,
and has an operating cost of $2,500 per month.


BBQ Throwdown Fundraiser Provided over $6,000 in funds to aid in school lunches.

New Additions A gift of $50,000 assisted in the purchase of a new orphanage home and the subsequent relocation of over 100 physically and mentally challenged Haitian children in Croix de Bouquet, Haiti. A gift of $75,000 added an extension to the school in Matthieu, Leogane for additional classroom construction, as well as a new Administration Office.


Who are we? We are ordinary people who have joined together to offer our faith, commitment and skills to the people of Haiti. We are school teachers, businessmen, businesswomen, community organizers, political activists and lawyers. We joined together because we love and care for each other and for the poor of Haiti. Haitians live in circumstances that would bedevil most of us. Yet Haitians are among the most beautiful people on earth. Perhaps a Haitian waitress said it best. She walks six miles a day to her job. “Every day is a beautiful day in Haiti.”

Our vision is to grow the organization such that we can help expand the educational opportunities for children in Leogane.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


John J. Porter
Retired Episcopal Priest
Jan Swoope
Retired Episcopal School Administrator
Eric Mees
Senior Appraiser, Calhoun Sands Valuation and Advisory
Lilly Landskroener
Board Member
Executive, Palmetto Food Services
Mary Porter
Board Member
Travel Consultant, Independent Contractor, Brownell Travel
Lindsay Stewart
Independent Contract Therapist
Pat Chesser
Board Member
Executive, South City Partners
Andrew Payne
Board Member
Director of Communications, Holy Innocents Episcopal School


Donald Hackney
Retired Partner, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, Atlanta
Robert B. Townes IV
Executive Vice President, Sinclair, Townes & Company, Atlanta
Whitney Meadows
Associate Director of Communication, Holy Innocents' Episcopal School

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